Press Release--Line 9: Not Worth the Risk! Report Launch

Line 9: Not Worth the Risk! Report Launch
New report reveals litany of threats posed by Enbridge’s aging pipeline

Friday February 21st, 1:00pm - Region of Waterloo building, 150 Frederick St., Kitchener

As the Line 9 tarsands pipeline reversal decision looms, intervenors in the National Energy Board process have prepared a comprehensive report detailing the many treaty violations, significant social and economic risks, as well as environmental hazards related to Enbridge’s proposal.

Report contributor Sakura Saunders of Rising Tide Toronto remarks, “As intervenors, we were shocked by the information we learned during the NEB hearings. We compiled this report to alert the public that even according to Enbridge's own data, this pipeline is in no condition to transport such dangerous materials as tar sands bitumen and fracked oil.”

Today at 1pm, Grand River Indigenous Solidarity, along with Saunders and members of the Waterloo Region Coalition Against Line 9, will be discussing this report in a press conference in front of the Region of Waterloo building at 150 Frederick St. in Kitchener.

Concerns highlighted by the report include hundreds of “features” (defects) along the pipeline, a 90% likelihood of failure of the pipe in the near term, and the up to $10 billion clean up costs when the pipe does rupture. Rachel Avery of Grand River Indigenous Solidarity comments, “The report confirms the worst fears of people living along Line 9, and highlights that in addition to grave environmental concerns, in refusing to undertake consultation Enbridge and the NEB have breached Canada’s treaty responsibilities and violated the treaty rights of all Indigenous communities along the line.”

This past fall, the Region of Waterloo released a statement listing their concerns regarding the Line 9 reversal project, following pressure from the Waterloo Region Coalition Against Line 9.
Despite these concerns, little public attention has been paid in the region to this issue.

Mark Ciesluk, president of CKMS-FM radio - a member group of the Coalition - said, “With the failure of the NEB process to adequately consult the public, it is imperative that local media truthfully inform residents about Enbridge’s plan and the grave risks it poses to our region. Using this report, CKMS will be able to further engage in reporting on this critical local issue.”

Ian Stumpf of Poverty Makes Us Sick, also part of the Coalition, states, “This important report demonstrates that Line 9 poses a threat to our collective access to safe living conditions and, equally, to healthy local food,” further noting, “There is no proof of any significant job creation through this project, whereas evidence suggests that it may require major subsidies by Ontario taxpayers at a time when vital social programs are being gutted.”

In the ever-shrinking window of time before the NEB releases its decision on Enbridge’s project, this report provides accessible information for the public and regional governments to understand the issues surrounding the dangerous line 9 project, and to put pressure on the NEB to reject this irresponsible proposal.