Contact Your Councillor: Ban the transport of diluted bitumen in Waterloo Region!

The Waterloo Region Coalition Against Line 9 has made the case to Regional
Council that dilbit is too great a risk, and has demanded a ban on
transporting this toxic sludge through the region. Call your councillors to
voice your support for a ban and let them know this is something that lots
of local residents care about!

Here are some points to bring up when talking to councillors:

Call Your Councillors!

Call your councillors TODAY--Get the Region of Waterloo to say 'no' to Line 9!

The Waterloo Region Coalition Against Line 9 has now presented at Regional Council and the Grand River Conservation Authority, bringing this issue onto their agendas. We're working to have these bodies issue statements of concern in advance of the National Energy Board hearings in mid-October. Councillors have started to take notice, but we need your help to make this their priority!

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