“What are we defending?” *Join Us For A Family-Friendly Walk/Roll Along the Grand River*

“What are we defending?” Join us For a Family-Friendly Walk/Roll Along the Grand River

When: Saturday, May 30, 2pm
Where: The Grand River Trail in Glen Morris (Parking at the End of Forbes St), Six Nations Treaty Territory

We think it's incredibly important to ground our resistance in the land we are defending, and to appreciate, celebrate, revel in, and continue to learn about it. In that spirit, we're inviting you to join us to visit the Grand River on May 30th just downstream of the Line 9 crossing. It's abounding with signs of spring! This beautiful place at the heart of the Haldimand Tract and the Grand River Watershed is what's at risk if dilbit and fracked oil goes through Line 9. Before Line 9 potentially starts flowing, let's take this chance to spend time by the river and all the life it supports.

Feel free to contact us about any of these events at waterlooregionagainstline9@gmail.com , or visit our website at http://noline9wr.ca/

No Line 9 without consent: Court Support for Chippewas of the Thames First Nation Appeal

Sign up here for the bus from Kitchener and Guelph!

On Tuesday June 16th in Toronto , The Chippewas of the Thames First Nation is appealing the National Energy Board’s approval of Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline which runs through southern Ontario and is set to carry tar sands diluted bitumen east for export. On the first day of the appeal, at 11am, a demonstration of support has been called for outside of the courthouse (Federal Appeals courthouse located at 180 Queen Street West, Toronto). Support in the courtroom is also requested for those who can make it in at 9:30am.

The Chippewas court case centers on the lack of consultation with the community on the reversal project which crosses through the First Nation’s traditional territory and would massively impact its land and water in the case of a spill.

The Canadian Constitution, under Section 35, states that First Nations have a right to be consulted on projects that could negatively impact their land.

Yet neither Enbridge nor the government consulted with Chippewas of the Thames on the project and now the dangerous pipeline is planned to go online this June, possibly before the case is even heard in court.

A pipeline safety expert with over forty years of experience in the energy sector, Richard Kuprewicz, has stated that the probability of Line 9 rupturing is over 90% in the first five years of operation. This is due to the large number of fractures in the aging pipeline and the new, much heavier substance which has to be transported at a higher temperature and pressure.

With such a high probability of a spill, it is absolutely crucial that all 18 First Nations along the line be consulted, including Chippewas of the Thames.

"Line 9 has been flowing light crude oil through Chippewas of the Thames traditional territory for 40 years without our consent. It is time for industry and governments to honour the treaties and wampum belt agreements. Indigenous nations and all residents of Canada are responsible for the safety of our Mother Earth!" - Myeengun Henry, Chippewas of the Thames First Nation

Please come out to show your support for Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, their legal appeal, and their right to free, prior and informed consent!


Sign up here for the bus from Kitchener and Guelph!

We are organising a bus to take people to the rally from Kitchener and Guelph. Sign up here to save your spot! It's free! The bus will be leaving from behind Kitchener City Hall at 8:45am on June 16, and in front of Guelph City Hall at 9:20. We expect to be back in Kitchener by 4:30.

Additional information about the court case:

If you are unable to attend the court support rally, you can show support by signing this petition:

You can also contribute to the community’s legal fund to help pay for the expensive legal costs associated with court:

Facebook page for June 16th rally: https://www.facebook.com/events/706501579458858/

No Line 9 Timeline

This Page is a timeline from September 2013, of events surrounding the diverse campaign to stop the Line 9 project - focusing on events and actions after the rubber stamp approval of the proposal by the industry aligned National Energy Board (NEB).

See http://noline9wr.ca for the most up to date information on the resistance to the line9 pipeline. To add to this events/actions list please contact: waterlooregionagainstline9@gmail.com

most recent at the top:

December 15th, 2014:
A day of action against tar sands profiteers sees over a dozen businesses targeted by individuals in 9 southern Ontario cities. The Press Release says Closed for Risky Business: Stop Supporting Toxic Tarsands
“Good people cannot simply watch as the government and big business dismantle protections and poison our communities for profit, so today we call attention to companies that enable Enbridge to continue destroying for profit - their financiers and contractors; their facilitators and publicists. Those who manage their security and their planning, approve their permits and projects – and any other players who passively take part in eco-destruction while operating business as usual.”
- http://toronto.mediacoop.ca/newsrelease/32507

October 7th, 2014:
Keeping the pressure on, activists lock down at Montreal oil refinery to protest Enbridge's Line 9, Alberta tar sands.
- http://ht.ly/CmVPu

October 6th, 2014:
Small Victory as NEB rejects enbridge Leave-to-Open request based on not meeting the standards under various approval conditions. Enbridge scrambles to actually complete the work they were told to do after the NEB also rejects the pipeline company’s request to cancel over 100 “integrity” digs.

Statement on toronto.mediacoop.ca from Line 9 grassroots resistance:
- http://toronto.mediacoop.ca/story/small-victory-no-line-9-campaign/31921

September 17th, 2014:
Waterloo Region Against Line 9 returns to Waterloo Regional Council, to update them on Line 9 and to request that council enact a ban on shipping diluted bitumen through the region by pipeline or rail.
for audio and text of the speech visit:
- http://rabble.ca/podcasts/shows/awl/2014/09/ban-tar-sands-dilbit-line-9-...


Contact Your Councillor: Ban the transport of diluted bitumen in Waterloo Region!

The Waterloo Region Coalition Against Line 9 has made the case to Regional
Council that dilbit is too great a risk, and has demanded a ban on
transporting this toxic sludge through the region. Call your councillors to
voice your support for a ban and let them know this is something that lots
of local residents care about!

Here are some points to bring up when talking to councillors:

Small Victory for No Line 9 Campaign

The National Energy Board denies Enbridge’s request to start pipeline

Small Victory for No Line 9 Campaign
On Monday, October 6, the National Energy Board (NEB) released a letter temporarily denying Enbridge’s "Leave to Open" submission on Line 9 based on the inadequacy of the valve safety standards on the pipeline. The NEB is requiring that Enbridge install valves on both sides of all Major Water Crossings and other significant areas in order to “limit damage from accidental discharge” and provide “automatic blockage of the pipeline”.

Ban tar sands dilbit from Line 9 and Waterloo region and respect the treaties

On September 17, Waterloo region residents presented to council urging them to enact a municipal tar sands dilbit ban, and to honour settler treaty responsibilities to Indigenous nations...

listen to file: http://rabble.ca/sites/all/modules/custom/podcaststats/podcaststats.php?...

Press Release--Line 9: Not Worth the Risk! Report Launch

Line 9: Not Worth the Risk! Report Launch
New report reveals litany of threats posed by Enbridge’s aging pipeline

Friday February 21st, 1:00pm - Region of Waterloo building, 150 Frederick St., Kitchener

As the Line 9 tarsands pipeline reversal decision looms, intervenors in the National Energy Board process have prepared a comprehensive report detailing the many treaty violations, significant social and economic risks, as well as environmental hazards related to Enbridge’s proposal.

Grand River Indigenous Solidarity's No Line 9 Presentation to the NEB

On October 17th 2013, a delegation from Grand River Indigenous Solidarity, a grassroots collective of activists working on settler responsibility on occupied territory, presented to the NEB hearings into the line 9 pipeline reversal project.

After convincing the NEB, through a 10 page application that they were a "potentially affected party", GRIS presented as intervenors in the hearings, giving evidence into the failure to uphold treaty responsibilities or honour agreements around consultation and free, prior, and informed consent.

While focusing mainly on the Grand River watershed, the so-called "Haldimand Tract" of the Haundenosaunee, GRIS also brought up the canadian Charter, the Two Row Wampum, the Nan fan Treaty, the Royal Proclamation, and the UN declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples in their evidence.

Environmental concerns, lack of community benefits, and the unwise creation of more carbon fuel infrastructure were also discussed as points against Enbridge's Line 9 project.

listen to audio: http://grandrivermc.ca/grrr/noLine9-2014-10-17-GRIS-NEBPresentation.mp3

From VICE Canada: Enbridge's Line 9 Pipeline Could be Catastrophic for Ontario and Quebec

The after effects of Lyle Lanley's monorail bears eerie similarities to the potential impact Line 9 could have in Canada. via the Simpsons Wiki.

In a classic episode of the Simpsons, a travelling salesman named Lyle Lanley visits a town meeting and convinces the people of Springfield to invest in a monorail—a lavish train system that the town welcomes with a song. But Marge Simpson remains skeptical, so she visits North Haverbrook where a previous Lanley monorail was built: Houses and businesses are abandoned, people are traumatized, and the remains of a derailed train hang precariously off of broken tracks in the town’s centre. A scientist clarifies, “this is all that’s left of one of the crappiest trains ever built.” But Marge is too late to warn Springfield and on the new monorail’s maiden voyage its brakes fail, nearly killing everyone on board. Meanwhile, Lyle Lanley boards a flight out of town with two giant suitcases full of money.

Enbridge’s new proposal for its 37-year-old Line 9 pipeline is a lot like the Springfield monorail. The people of Ontario and Quebec are being sold on a tar sands pipeline that has a “high risk” of rupture in its “early years” of operation. And a rupture of this pipeline, which cuts through the most densely populated part of Canada and crosses twelve major watersheds, could result in an unprecedented catastrophe. Never before has a pipeline carrying diluted tar sands bitumen (dilbit) passed through, or ruptured in, a major urban centre.


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